Richmond Raceway promoters Joey and Tiffany Tackett are excited to open the 2013 season with the Inaugural Modified March Madness, earlier in the season than they have ever opened before, March 23! “Seems like the winters are getting longer and longer, we are just ready to get the gates back open and the cars on the track, as soon as I can get it to dry our and work it in good” said Joey Tackett.

The Tacketts are beginning their 4th season as promoters. “It seems like opening day is not nearly as stressful going into our 4th one as it was in previous years. There is still anxiety to it though. Are the fans going to show up? Will the drivers have their cars ready this early? Will the track dry out? Is there enough food in the concessions? It is all a guessing game. We just hope our guesses are right. That’s all we can do” commented Tiffany.

Jolie on the other hand may be the most excited. She tells everyone in her preschool that “School must almost be over because the racecars come when school is out and they will be back out at the track really soon.” She is going to be in for a surprise when she still has 2 more months of school after the season starts.

There have been many upgrades during the offseason. More dirt has been hauled in. The pit parking lot has been excavated to accommodate more vehicles. There are many more improvements in the near future when the weather clears up.

Fans will be happy to know that we are adding one item to the concession menu that is sure to be a best seller! French Fries. If they sell good they will stay on the menu for the remainder of the season.

Something else to look forward to is the return of the 50/50. It won’t be implemented every race, but it will be around periodically to put lots of money in a fans pocket.

Last, but certainly not least, there are two new members added to the team… The new Richmond Raceway Rockstars will debut March 23! Be sure to come see what all the new excitement is about and …Do It In The Dirt at The Richmond Raceway.